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Calendar and Events

April 14th BBQ

The BBQ held on the 14th of April was a great success. There was shooting before hand which was slightly hindered by some rain, but as soon as it stopped we were right back out there. There was even some shooting of easter eggs. The BBQ was as usual very good, and thanks for all those that helped prepare, cook and clean up afterwards. On the night we also held our social clubs AGM which went smoothly although people were a little anxious to get to the food by the end of the meeting. So now the Social club is organised and all that is needed for us to affiliate with NUSA is work out a budget for the social club. Congratulations also goes to Adam Coy who is the social clubs Social Functions Officer.

Special Events

AUS-East Games: Archery

This 30th of april (hehe) the AUS-East Games will be concerning itself with the Archery side of things. We hope to send a team of our finest archers to the Central Coast to show off our skills to the rest of Eastern Australia. If you wish to come along and watch the team in action, mention it to one of the executive and arrangements can be made.

From the Secretary like guy


27th March
Internal competition begins
29th March
SU Committe Meeting
5:30pm Harry Bradford Lounge
21st April
Semester 1 Recess (shooting will continue)
30th April
AUS-East Games: Archery
3rd May
24th May
SU Committee Meeting
5:30pm Harry Bradford Lounge

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