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President's News


Just a report on our results from the EAUG Archery competition which was held on the 30th of April at Erina Archery Range. This was a very successfull event and was professionally organised and executed. All of our 5 competitors were in the Men's Novice Recurve competition, and what came as no suprise to most of us Joe Kelly brought back the gold. All of us shot very well in what was the first official competition we had been to. We hope to go to more competitions later in the year as we all had fun and found it to be very informative. What came as a surprise was that in the team competition, which consists of the sum of the scores of the best 5 archers from a university, we came second. What is surprising is that we had 6 people, and both Sydney uni and uni of NSW had more than 10 competitors. So it was very heartening to know that we are good not just in our opinion but compared to experienced archery clubs.


Internal Competition

For those of you who were unaware, the club is running a competition this year. There are 8 divisions:

Mens Advanced Recurve
Womens Advanced Recurve
Mens Beginner Recurve
Womens Beginner Recurve
Mens Advanced Compound
Womens Advanced Compound
Mens Beginner Compound
Womens Beginner Compound

For a division to be run there must be atleast two competitors, although one person can still have their scores recorded. The competition consists of 15 rounds of 36 arrows. For the bulk of the year it is possible to do a maximum of one round a week, but closer to the end we will accept one a day. A round of competition can be done at any general shoot, that has two executives who can verify the score. The winner of the competition will get their name recorded on either the "Ben Graham" or "Melissa Becker" trophy. You may start your competition shooting on the 27th if you wish.

General News

There is no news today...
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